Couture - The Old Man Of MMA!

Couture will always be the old man of MMA.

ttt 4 old man, dad strength!

...none of you appreciate my genious!

I DO! ttt

"genius", IMO.


Randy still trains every day when he's in town.


Great pic. Without the Liddell fence grabbing he'd be the champ and still spanking unruly combatants, IMO.

hes retired dougie give it up :)

Can Shammy be the "old and senile" man of mma?

Shootfightermike is going to hell.

CHuck beat Couture and despite the way it went down no one is denying that.

It's like the first time you saw you saw your Dad lose.

It breaks your heart.

Couture will always be my hero and idol...he is a GOD amongst men and an inspiration to us "less younger" guys everywhere..

"It's like the first time you saw you saw your Dad lose."

I've never seen my dad lose. He'd always beat dudes by intimidation making them change their mind about a a physical altercation. No joke, my dad used to Axe murderer stare down road ragers! lol

i almost cried when he retired

He beat more people when they were in their prime or on top than anyone else. He needs to be in the HOF immediately. My only wish is that he would have retired 3 fights sooner with the belt.

Couture's the man!

i dont find it sad at all he lost.

randy is awesome, but people lose. its not sad, it is what it is. losing is no disgrace, especially to thumbzilla.

now ken on the other hand, if randy ended up liek him that would suck. i dont hate ken either, he was one of my favorites way back when, but when you decline that much and dont realize it, that sucks lol.