Couture to return if Tito wins!

in a houston chronicle interview,Randy said he would absolutely return to fight Tito in a title fight! please come back natural!

wtf are you guys talking about, nobody but chuck @205 beats Randy, the natural is a freak.
if he ever quits trying to stand w\chuck he kicks his ass too!!!!!!

thank you!!!

and that is why young up and comers like Vera are leaving....

whatever broke your jaw must have jarred your brain jimmy, yea pride has fedor and crocop, crocop got beat by randleman, who got beat by chuck, bas, and others. fedor is great, but who else in the heavies could hang with andre, silvia, vera, haha!!

Guess hell be back then, because Tito will be getting his belt back


randy overrated? yea i guess his record is not to good. lets see wins= vitor x2, chuck, tito. losses+vitor eye gouge, chuck eye gouge 1 ko 2 ricco (lucky fucking break). randy, please comeback and prove me right. ufc needs the NATURAL!!

It don't matter if Randy was 30. Chuck would beat him now. Chucks a bad match up for him. I still think Randy could beat Tito. He's the better wrestler and thats Tito's style of fighting.

Chuck's not evolving brother- his time will run out very soon.

chuck doesnt need to evolve- hes beat everyone UFC has thrown at him, his sprawl and brawl is the best @205- tito is not going to be the one to test him it would have to be someone like lil nog, silva, arona...

ohh ya speaking on Randy- IF tito won "IF" tito won- randy could come out of retirment tomorrow and still whoop his ass- like randy has said Everything tito is good at he is better at... he cant stop randy from taking him down we all know that...

There's really no need for a Couture/Ortiz rematch. First one was one sided and uneventful.

I would think that in the very very unlikely event that Tito won, there would be a guarenteed rematch for Chuck long before Randy could fight for the belt.

It's a moot point because Tito has as much chance against Chuck as Ken would in a 4th match with Tito.

That's awfully presumptuous of Randy. What makes him think he would be in line for a title shot? He is coming off a ko defeat and all... That's a fight I'd love to see and significantly more than Ortiz/Griffin II but realistically, Couture's not even active any longer, let alone a contender. How about this, Tito wins the belt, Tito takes some time off to enjoy the victory and travel around basking in the glory of his win. Randy beats up Griffin. Tito Randy II May 07.


No need at all for randy to come back. If he did I'd hope tito would beat his ass.......Can't stand these guys that retire then come back when every thing looks good......

Randy is so dam old he needs to play santa clause at his local mall........No need for him to come back....

I can't believe all the disrespect for the classiest guy ever in MMA. Should he come back? I would still pay to see the Natural. I believe he would still beat Tito.

IF Tito does win,Randy thinks he can just come back,and handle Tito the way he did the first time.
He's really gonna look stupid if Tito hands him his
as@ the way Chuck did.Then what? Does Randy retire again and wait to make a comeback,when he feels it's
convenient for him to win.

I think the UFC should just come out with a Master's division (like they do in grappling tournaments) for fighters who are 40+, but still in great shape.

That way, the older guys can still have their glory without stealing any thunder from the up and coming younger fighters. That's just my opinion.