Couture vs Coleman would make a lot of sense

This fight would make a lot of sense to me. Both have identical records 16-9, both around the same age, hall of famers, great wrestlers one freestyle and one Greco Roman and both are former champions.

Also both have there own fan following and people seem to really like or dislike them.

It it would be a good fight for the fans and the UFC should put it together.

oh yeah I'm a Coleman fan a not a Couture fan so Coleman win by vicious ground and pound in rd.2.

would love to see this fight

i'd love to see this fight as well.

Wanted to see this for years. Still would.

People that actually think Coleman looked good his last fight are lost.

 shoulda happend around 1997

 I'd like to see it....I'd favor Randy pretty heavily, though....

I agree maybe this fight should have happened years like a lot of fights. Still be good to see and a would be a big draw for the UFC.

frontrowbrian - 
Pizzacorner - People that actually think Coleman looked good his last fight are lost.
MMA isn't a beauty contest. It's about brutalizing your opponent and that's exactly what the Antidote Mark Coleman did to legendary UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar.

Is this the equivalent treatment for Coleman as the Sexiyama phenomena?

And how did it start?

Fight would have been a great Coleman showcase 10 years ago. Now? Two old, half-dead wrestlers creaking along for 15 minutes of bad boxing and half hearted shots.

Coleman has aged much faster than Couture has. I don't want to be disrespectful towards Mark becuase he's a legend, but I think Randy would absolutely maul him! I think this fight would have been great between 5 to 10 years ago, but age is catching up with Mark, but not so much with Randy.

Snakey - would love to see this fight

Randy wins this and its not even close

and both will have identical 16-10 records as well!