Couture Vs Sylvia

Just watched it again on fight pass. What a shame it is that no one ever talks about this fight ever since Randy went to do FightMaster. I don't think I've ever heard a crowd roar that loud, just an awesome moment complete with Randy's great post fight speech... it's a shame it's not still on the highlight reels

I read Randy's book and he definitely has a wandering, selfish personality reflected in his choices but Dana takes things too personally. This was up there with any great moment in the UFC

that fight proved that syvia was a champion of truly one of the weakest divisions of all time

I admit,I'm disappointed the UFC removed Randy's highlight right hand on Tim for their PPV opening. Phone Post 3.0

I just think that Randy couldn't deal with Tim's shit.

My neighbors called the cops on us during that fight because we were just as loud as the crowd watching it live. I remember being drunk and telling the cops on my lawn I apologize but we were watching Randy Couture beat up a giant. The cops understood and let us carry on.

True story

Agreed, one of my favourite moments in mma. Phone Post 3.0

I remember where I was (alley) and who I was with (crack whore) when I saw that fight. Epic mma moment.

I don't think I ever had or ever will jump out of my seat like I did when Randy landed the overhand right Rando bomb on Tim. Phone Post 3.0

It was a big deal at the time when it happen. Phone Post 3.0