Couture workout question

I'm preparing for a jiujitsu tournament a month from now, and I just started doing the Couture circuit workout. How many times per week I should do it?

3 times a week? everyday?

2 or 3 times a week, in addition to jiu-jitsu.

I did it this morning.. just wondering how many times/week would be ideal.

Is this his 'Grappling Circuit' with the barbell?

Javorek complex with a barbell

i just redid that circuit monday night using minimal weight (like 65lbs.) after not weight training for two months. my legs were sore still today :)

You won't last long trying to do it every day, why not try 2 days, then up to 3 after a while? If you get 3 days in then you could probably just focus on increasing the weight, and do other things if you want to train more.

FOr those of us who have been in a hole, held hostage in Lebanon, in prison, a coma, or just haven't been paying attention... What exactly is the Coutour workout?

There are multiple threads here about it and you can look into youtube or videogoogle for couture workout or team quest workout.

I wouldn't do it more than twice a week if I'm really putting in an effort.

It's a full body thing, it taxes your whole system quite a bit and you need recovery...

Thanks for posting that vid.

How many sets of the circuit does he do and how much rest in btwn sets?

Looks like good stuff, if nothing else it will be a good alternative to my current routine.

i don't recall. I do 5 sets with 60sec. rest.

I think he does 6 with 60secs rest

Thanks guys

6-8 circuits, maximum 60 seconds rest between circuits.