Couture's Medicine ball pushups?

Whenever they show a training montage of couture he is doing those medicine ball pushups.What is the purpose of doing them like this and what advantage would these have over doing pushup sa different way?Also would these be easier on the shoulder or put more stress on it?

They could put more stress on the shoulder. They are a good plyometric excercise. The med. ball push-up will force you to balance yourself while doing the push-ups. This helps train your body to work together as one unit, in an explosive fashion.

are you talking about him doing a push up on a medicine ball, or the drill where you and your partner are about 10 feet apart throwing it on the way down, doing a pushup and then coming back up in time to catch your partners?

doing a push up on a medicine ball

I've seen a variation where your partner stands on
a chair, and you lie on your back. He drops the
medicine ball, and you catch, bring it to your chest
and throw it back up at him as fast and hard as you
can. Still plyometric, but would this be more
shoulder safe? Granted you might end up getting a
ball dropped on your noggin.

Wouldn't hurt me! (No brains, no pain!)

he was hopping from hand to hand on a medicne ball doing one handed push ups. I would do a face plant in about 2 seconds.

It emphasizes the inner chest and triceps.

I do these from time to time about 30 with good form is my max.

They are hard on the shoulder.

hard as in make it work more or hard as in going to cause damage to the joint?