Couture's routine

A while back someone posted a Randy Couture routine - I believe it consists of Olympic and compound weight exercises done consecutively to work both strength and cardio...

Anyways, if someone has it on thier threads could the ttt it please??? Thanks...

Bent Over Row x 8

Upright row x 8

Shoulder Press (front of face) x 8

Good Morning x 8

Split Squat, Left Lead x 8

Split Squat, Right Lead x 8

Squat Push Press (weight on shoulders, dip again for press) x 8

Straight leg Deadlift x 8

This is the Grapplers Circuit that he does for 5 rounds.

First round is just the bar, second round add 5 lbs, third round add 5 lbs, fourth round remove 5 lbs, fifth round remove 5 lbs - rest is 1 minute between rounds.

There is another routine called Cardio with Weights where he performs 30 reps each of a group of exercises continuously but I can't find that one, someone else might have it tho.

I use the circuit and variations on it extensively. It's worked great for me.

You guys are awesome - thanks...

The grappler's circuit is awesome. Does anyone have the cardio with weights routine?

here is another

Powerclean X 5
Front Squat X 10
Push Press X 10
Bent over row X 10
Deadlift X 10
High Pull X 10
Scapulars X 10 (in the up position of a push up and squeeze your back muscles)

Pushups X 10

It's an ass kicker

RYNO, are you sure you start with just the bar? i thought you started with 135lbs... i'm just remembering the first time it was posted. i could be wrong...

OregonMMA, thanks for the post.


ttt so i can print later

T-Man, sorry my mistake - Yeah, 135 lbs is right. I don't have an Olympic Bar and I got my lbs-to-kilograms conversion mixed up, but I guess a 45 lb bar and 2 x 45 lb plates would make 135 lbs eh?

That's way too much for me, I only weigh 135 lbs myself but, again, apologies.

In Randy's DVD's he has Quarry start with 85 lbs. He emphasizes it's about the form, not the weight.

I think he means you to use whatever weights are right for you.

For those of us who aren't world class athletes, using less weight is okay.

135lbs!!!? Goes and bus steroids


When he was the strength coach for Oregan I emailed him about his lifting routine. This was after his first apearance in the UFC. He said he lifted 3 days a week and did squats, bench, olylifts (cleans, push presses, snatches)
pull ups, and lateral raises. He cycled his reps from 5 down to 3. I was suprised at the amount of time he spent lifting but he was still competing in Greco at the time, or just finishing. I think he picked up this routine at the OLy Training Center in Co.


The probelem with following the routines of elite fighters is that these guys are already strong and got that way using traditional routines. Many young guys who are super weak start off performing fancy circuits and can't squat 300 pounds. Get strong while you have the time and youth and get fit for specific events. I am not suggesting that this applies to anyone in particular. Just an observation.

Sorry for the double post.

Ripley is correct.

If you're already strong and have a good cardiovascular base, barbell circuits can be very useful. If you don't have either of these things, it's mostly a waste of time and possibly detrimental.