Couture's Tower 200 or BAS Body Action?

I can't add pic's. Both look cool but if I had to purchase one, it would be BAS.

how about an actual mma gym 

tbizzle - how about an actual mma gym 
Well obviously. I simply asked which one you'd rather purchase.

But I liked your attempt at an answer though.

I'd say Randy's cause it's got Body by Jake dude doing the voiceover, and we know he wouldn't lie to you to sell a cheap ass product.

 Is the Randy one where he say "work it princess"?

You got a door? You got a gym.

AmericanPsychoMMA -  Is the Randy one where he say "work it princess"?

 I actually think that Bas thing looks cool, but I would like to see one in real life.  It seems like they put some sort of weighting on the stand, but it doesn't mention anything about that weight. 

Anyone actually have one?  Could you actually put one in an apartment and not have your neighbors want to kill you?

Tony Little's The Gazelle! Teaches proper form for Pride style head kicks...

 I use nothing but the thigh-master and body blade

I tried the BAS body action system and was convinced it was going to break. It was just a demo at a store so I didn't go hard, but it seemed really flimsy.

It really depends what you're looking for, I imagine. They are two totally different things.

The Speedfit is the only exercise machine I trust: