Does anyone have any experience with the CovertCarrier?

It seems like that would be annoying as hell to shoot with since the clip is going to be on your palm if you're right handed.

If you want something similar, I know some people who like the clip draw for their glocks and you can get some models for other guns as well.

Your other options are Smartcarry (have a friend who loves his), or some sort of IWB holster.

I recommend looking at for some of their holsters.

The "clip draw" doesn't allow for the hand gun to stay below the belt line. I'll report back on how mine turns out. I opted to have mine custom fit.

Why do you want your handgun below your belt line? That makes it harder to access if you need it in a hurry and are running or fighting with someone.

Let us know what you think of it after you try drawing it, drawing it while moving and firing it a bit. It looks like the clip would gouge the hell out of your firing hand and it would be hard to access quickly.

 As just posted.  I think it might be an easy draw.  We shall see.

any more feedback on this?

 Looks to me it wouldnt be so great if u had to pull your hangun out in a hurry. The clip would snag up and mess up your accuracy because of your palm hitting the clip.

I reccomend for in the pants carry this galco holster

 I don't have the time to post a pic but let's just say the clip allows for a great draw.  However, shooting it is another story.  The clip diggs into my hand like crazy.  I couldn't even finish the clip without taking a break to allow my hand to recover.  Now, in a SD situation the clip would unload without much thought.  However, target shooting was another story.

How fast of a draw are we talking? 1 second? 1.5 seconds?