COVID cases jump all 50 states among vaccinated, might need 3rd shot

You’re not listening. People do not care. You can post hospitalization and case numbers all day long. People do not care. They accept the risks, whatever they are, and choose to live their life undisturbed. They are not waiting for some expert to tell them when it’s ok to get back to normal, they have already been there for months. Of course some other people feel differently and live their lives accordingly.

Reality is that the virus exists. Accepting that risk but not giving a fuck about it is not being out of touch with reality, it’s simply taking a different approach to living in that reality from the one you would take.


Viva revolution

It’s incredibly convenient that the “science” says what you need it to say when you want to beat up the political opposition. And that’s the crux of the issue. The “experts” have sacrificed credibility and turned the vax into a political issue. So you end up with a portion of the populace skittish.

And it’s not as clear cut as ascribing the problem to a bunch of Trump voting mouth breathers. Anecdotally, my experience jives with the official data:

I believe people who have lived a normal lifestyle and have not been vaccinated, most likely have already unknowingly contracted the virus. It’s been floating around too long for non vaccinated to avoid.

If the above does not apply, you’d have to question how dangerous the virus is at this point.?.

Man…I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me Prof is on the board of directors at Pfizer. I haven’t seen anyone here, on other sites, or in real life push these vaccines remotely as hard as him. He is like a religious fanatic.

Feel free to launch into a massive tirade on why I’m a moron and every man, woman, and child on earth needs to get vaccinated regardless of personal risk. I’m still not getting it.

I believe it is possible that prof is actually Bill Gates wasting some time on the OG

If people still want to play Pandemic that is their choice. I choose to ignore it and them. If I’m asked to leave a store, I will (and I have, and they were stores that I actually did enjoy shopping at before) because tit is their legal right to kick me out, but I’m not playing the fear and persecution game and wearing a useless rag on my face just because everyone else is doing it. At this point, people who follow Fauci and the MSM are like pushy Christian knockers telling non-believers that they are going to hell because the Christian bible (that non-believers wipe their asses with) says so.

Not necessarily. I’ve known a lot of people who’ve caught it (I’m in a dense hotspot type area). And almost all of them know where and who they got it from. Almost all were social gatherings or general close contact (like at work). No one caught it because they weren’t wearing a mask while on a hike.

It isn’t measles in terms of how contagious it is (R0 value), it’s contained to specific social networks/communities. It’s totally possible to have missed it in the last year.

That all said, the new Indian/Delta variant does appear to have a higher R0 value. So this one will likely spread farther than the original wave last year. If you’re high risk (overweight, diabetic, old etc), I’d for sure consider the vax. It’s all calculated risk. You take your chances with the vaccine, or you take your chances with the virus.

This “prof” fella is an older guy I’ve learned over this past year. In his 60s maybe?

I used to call him a terrified retard and the such. I’ve stopped though. He’s just a scared older guy and covid is his life. Covid has become a lot of people’s everything. Many people will never not wear a mask ever again and will continue being self-righteous about it. It has literally given them purpose.

This “prof” guy is incredibly abrasive and combative on this topic and American election stuff (despite being Canadian lol). You kinda just have to view him as a terrified grandpa type that the corporate media has complete control over.


I think you are correct gary

I know people like this in real life, they aren’t combative but they are scared and covid fear has become their life’s main purpose

The fear mongering was and is brilliant, extremely efficient and apparently permanent for some folks


The crazy thing is I have not limited my interactions with people unless directed. Also, when considering the people within my social network, no one has knowingly contracted the virus either. We must be really, really lucky.

My man. Having “Fuck you” money is a great thing:

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Well, well, well.

I never liked Clapton but damn he just shot up in my book


and 4th and a 5th

Prof doesn’t realize he’s the opposite side of the coin to EY. His tone and attitude towards those who don’t agree with him turn more people off than he realizes. And he will say he doesn’t care, which then turns more people off. I for the most part won’t even read his posts anymore. And when this all started (pandemic and the convos on here)I was mostly on his side. Doesn’t matter who I agree with, I don’t enjoy listening/reading pompous opinions/facts. Too bad so much of teh OG is like that now.

And yet you wrote:

So you keep implying “people” have reasons to be so suspicious of Pfizer that it warrants not getting vaccinated. And yet you nonetheless understand it makes sense to get vaccinated.
The point is: if you actually think it made the most sense to get vaccinated all things considered when you thought things through and were open to evidence, then, as I’ve said, it indicates you don’t actually think these vague “suspicions” about Pfizer or whatever are good grounds for avoiding the vaccine. (And of course there’s multiple vaccines too choose from).

This is prof. So know who you are talking to.

I don’t care about covid and all of its variants. I’m not wearing a mask. I’m over it.


This is how I feel. I’m tired of listening to all these idiots spend their lives obsessing over it. They’re now talking about the “lambda variant.” It’s never going to end. There’s always going to be some new boogeyman they come up with to scare the proles into doing what they’re told.

BTW, Props to all the people putting a non-FDA approved foreign substance into their body that turns out to be pretty useless, all because some politician told them to. Excellent critical thinking there. “But the variants!” Ok cool. You’re now agreeing to get yet another untested foreign substance injected into your body anytime the same idiot politicians tell you to.