Covid delta variant can lick my nuts

Govt got a taste of controlling by fear and liked it


Thr numbers are where they should be. This is a pressure point to vaccinate kids. 33.5 million reported covid cases plus 177 million at least partially vaccinated people is pretty damn equal to the amount of people 18 and older (209 million).

I know my math is fuzzy, but it illustrates the segment that does not need to be vaccinated, the kids.

Yep, here we go again.

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Biden will certainly do what is intellectually sound and not just act like a fucktard




That doesn’t change the fact that the delta/Indian variant is taking over spectacularly fast. It’s up to 99% of sequenced cases in the UK and it’s up from 1.3% of cases to 9.5% of cases in the US within a month.

It’s pretty amazing how rapidly it has taken over as the dominant strain

This is true. But the vaccines here in the states cover that strain as long as you’ve had both injections. The only ones vulnerable will be those that are unvaccinated. I don’t wish covid on anyone but I’ve always supported people’s rights to either chose the vaccine or the virus. They’ve chosen the virus. I hope they all are asymptomatic and get through it without complications.

OMG! We’re all going to die! That is what they want us to think so they can keep more control over us. These virus strains that pop up from time to time are nature’s way of culling the herd. The weak die and the strong survive. It sounds fucked up but that’s the way it is.


Who cares? Case numbers are plummeting. It’s just more fear porn for people who like to be scared


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I was nervous about COVID for literally 5 days

This pandemic really showed me how neurotic and mentally unstable vast proportions of the population are - and how easy people will trust authoritarian figures if they’re on TV - even when the data is right in front of their eyes.

-0.3% death rate
-Only 6% of those deaths had COVID alone which is a 0.0018% death rate
-Of the 0.0018% who died of COVID alone, almost all were elderly


To be fair, early in the pandemic they were claiming a 3.5% CFR. My state was claiming almost 6%. We didn’t have our own PCR tests to verify those claims so the public didn’t have much to go off of.

Fuck them. I’m not playing the Covid game again. Let me know when we have one that’s like a 20% death rate & then I’ll care.


Looks like it’s up to 20% of cases now.

Like I said don’t panic, but I’m pretty much fully in the camp that this was a result of man made experimentation. I don’t think we’ve ever dealt with a pandemic that was the result of an experiment in a biolab.

Is there any statistical or anecdotal evidence that this strain is harsher than the original?

Doesn’t seem to be more deadly just much much more infectious.

So will there be a new vaccine to account for the new variants?

For me it’s the boy who cried wolf situation. So I’m going to need to see some neighbors keeling over before I’m putting a mask back on.

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