Covid-Fall semester college kids

I just got an email from my sons collegel that they will be requiring him to get the COVID vaccine before he enters school this fall. It’s a Missouri school. I am wondering if any other colleges are requiring the vaccine to enter this fall.

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If corona is the worst virus you get in college, consider yourself lucky


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I think many/most will.

Even schools in Florida and Texas will probably tell the kids to get them.

This is a huge financial issue for schools, particularly when it comes to student housing. Much of the on-campus student housing at colleges and universities is debt financed. Schools can’t afford to go another year without students in these facilities.

California universities are requiring it I believe

Actually, I think it means you failed.

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I’m Ok with us old bastards getting the vaccine, but my son is 18. If colleges make this mandatory i could see alot of students going elsewhere.

That’s obviously a personal choice every student will have to make.

For a student who’s going to a community college or getting a liberal arts degree it’s probably easier to take a “I ain’t vaxing” stance, but those going to engineering, medical, law, etc school will have a tougher time sticking to it.

Not saying either way is right or wrong, but it’s a good lesson in deciding what’s more important, the higher education you’ve (presumably) worked towards, or the principled stance against getting a COVID vaccine.

In Texas I think it is optional.

The same people bitching about colleges and employers strong arming members into the vaccine won’t offer any liability protection for the two against lawsuits.

You can’t have all the risk be on the shoulder of colleges and employers.

If your son does that, I hope he does it out of a matter of principle/protest and not because he’s afraid of the vaccine. He should make his choices based on correct information.