COVID hysteria is from people facing death for the first time

We all know people who have been broken because of this COVID propaganda. They are lost and will never come back. It’s double vax, triple mask, booster every month, bug eyed ranting on facebook for the rest of their life. Millions of these people are now out in the world.

Why such a dramatic response? This is what happens when a nation with 350 million manchildren are forced to view the world outside their own narcissistic bubble and confront the fact that we all die. They’ve been sheltered from death for their entire life, decades of hiding from it, pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s only something that happens to really old people, or a neighbor from 3 houses down, or to people you don’t know in other countries. It doesn’t happen to ME.

So nevermind how they’ve been smoking, drinking, snorting, and fucking everything in sight since the age of 12, it took a government propaganda campaign about a virus for it to finally hit them that “Hey…this might actually happen to ME! I could actually DIE! WE ALL MUST STOP THIS! EVERYONE MUST JOIN IN TO HELP PREVENT MY DEATH!!!”

That’s where the psychotic, irrational, foaming at the mouth hysterical COVID panic stems from. They just found out yesterday that they’re mortal, and it hit them like a ton of bricks.


It’s politics, which is the really fucked up part.

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Didn’t think this many damn people would be so damn scared.

Good post.

I would add, without having thought it through fully, I’ve observed your thoughts disproportionately among folks in my life who appear to be living without a defined purpose or mission. Often times atheists, or narcissists who just do what feels good rather than what they’ve determined is right or is consistent with their defined core values.

Others I know who have defined their values and have been working to achieve their life’s mission are not living in fear for any reason.

Maybe for the same reason that the kid who studied and did his homework strolls into his exam with confidence while the one who goofed off is full of regret and wishing he could have a few more minutes to study.