Covid - Lost Taste & Smell

I am currently getting over covid but I have been unable to smell or taste anything for a few days.

I understand this happens when you have covid but how long does it take to get back?

Also is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

I want to be able to taste food so bad right now

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Now’s the time to eat a ton of shit you hate


You trying to offer him some dick?

…wait, never mind, you said something OP hates eating


Family members have said that consistently smelling strong smells brought it back quickly

Eat oranges sniff the peels you’ll get it back in no time. Meanwhile you’re eating for texture now. Lol

I had covid a year ago and I haven’t fully regained either. I’m sure my issue is an anomaly.

Shove nose in a freshly opened bottle of valerian root. See how that does ya.

Took me about 10 days or so. When I first started tasting again my food tasted real weird. Definitely didn’t taste right right away :joy:

Just don’t fart in public.

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smelling salts?

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Not necessarily. My old coworker and his wife had covid a year and a half ago. The wife had a very mild case and still hasn’t regained her sense of taste.

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Eat super healthy now and get in the best shape of your life. Make lemonade.

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My brother got it back rather quickly.

Another friend of mine hasn’t tasted anything since July.

First smell I noticed again was my own BO :joy: I didn’t realize they were shmelly

Essential oils : coffee, lemon, cloves, rose, eucalyptus, cinnamon, 3 min each, twice a day



Man I lost mine for 3 months. I know someone who hasn’t had both for a year.

So, you’re likely looking at forever

It’s been a year for me and still haven’t fully got my taste or smell back, Fuckin sucks.

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I’m over a year and it’s a rarity much permeates, both taste and smell. Smell worse, almost gone. I worry, got a tumor in my head! Serious!

But its either covid or covid plus pot use.