Covid - Lost Taste & Smell

3 weeks since I tested pos. Taste is back 75 percent. Coffee and beer still sort of taste like bad vaginas but it’s getting better. Smell is about 65 percent back.

My smell and taste took a few weeks after I felt better to come back. The strangest thing for me is that here I am 6 months after having covid and some stuff still doesn’t smell right. Some things will randomly have a strong metallic smell for no reason.

My nephews wife got Covid in early October … she felt sick for a week or so but ever since then has times where she can’t taste or smell … pretty bizarre . Her doctor said there isn’t much she can do to treat it

Sounds like it may be a while for me. I mine as well just eat healthy and get ready for summer :muscle:

When did you guys go back into the real world again, start working out again at the gym?

I had my first bad day on the 25th, worst days 27th and 28th, now I am feeling okay again.

Can I start going to the gym Monday or wait until when?

My sense of taste and smell went flying through the fucking roof. Heightened to a point where I couldn’t go out in public because everyone smelled. Women wearing masks and then doubling up on stinky perfume left me dry heaving in corners. Couldn’t stand the smell of cooking meat or oil. Didn’t eat for six months. Lost 50 lbs. Consider loss rather than heightened a blessing.

I’ve lost my sense of taste and smell for about 5 days during covid. As mentioned above essential oils help with that a little. Citrus ones especially. I found some good quality oils here Eucalyptus and lavender are my personal favorites so far.

My buddy took a large whiff of a herbal concoction that was mostly eucalyptus and he said it brought his smell back and his cousins that hasn’t had their smell for over a year.

If you want I’ll ask him the exact combo

Open a bag of Kush and you’ll realize your smell is just fine

My smell is back and taste is coming back as well.

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Mine came back after a few weeks. Orange juice was the first thing I could taste. Beer and coffee tasted like bad vaj holes for weeks

Please post it. My son is in the no taste/smell phase.

Take a shit in a bag, blind fold him and if he goes “EWWWWWW” you’ll know he’s fine

Orange peels work

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