COVID Mea Culpa Begins! CDC: 75%(Edit It's Actually Closer To 95%) Of COVID Deaths Had At Least 4 Commodities!

It’s actually 95% that died had on average 4 comorbidities, per the CDC. Data is updated.

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LOL dude. That is of people hospitalized with COVID. You are just agreeing with the premise of the thread then–95% of people hospitalized with COVID have at least one comorbidity. No duh.

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This will go ignored. At best, there will be a weak attempt at deflection.

We’ve known from day one that this virus is a fucking joke for healthy people.

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Let me know when you have a real study that shows a very small minority of adults have no commorbidities. I posted one that shows only 45% of adults have 1 or more. Not even a minority let alone a very small minority.

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Again, self reported, which should be taken with the entire salt shaker, not just a grain. You’re assuming that A) people are answering honestly and B) everyone is fully aware of their medical history. About 40% of people don’t get an annual physical/blood work done.

Get back to me when you have something more reliable please

No you. You made the assertion. Apparently you have nothing to back it up. I do have something that shows it is probably not even close to right.

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This pretty much confirms that those that jumped on the bandwagon never did their research or read the title of the study. Reply to @mebwicked #greenscreen

well if some guy on tiktok says so!

If you had no bias you would take your evidence from where ever you could get it as long as it is backed up. I’ve been down the route where if I quote from anywhere it’s Fake, even if I quote from the same sources they use it’s Fake, when I show the same guy they quote on video saying the complete obvious well that’s definitely Fake. :rofl: :rofl:

Research confirmation bias.