COVID miraculously disappears worldwide. Praise July 1st!

COVID is over fuckers. Go breathe some fresh air.

Stay Out Breaking Bad GIF

It’s the vaccine. Nothing to do with cold and flu season. Just the vaccine. All the credit. All of it.


thanks Biden

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You’re late to the party.

June 30th `round these parts!!

Ya it’s like Cuomo ending it two weeks early and patting himself on the back as he sits on a throne of dead corpses.


No more Delta variant?

Delta variant is what the military used when Bin Laden was on lockdown

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No coincidence that it coincides with Canada Day.

I think we all owe Mr Trudeau a big thank you.

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Just in time for forest fire season on the west coast!

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Literally same day fake pandemic ends, weather manipulation begins. Crazy times.

Bill? that you?

thanks for the laugh! Creepy Joe doesn’t even know what you are talking about!

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judging from your response in another thread I think your sarcasm flew right over my head .

Anyone have a link to the thread that claimed multiple countires would end restrictions july 1st, months before it looked like that could be a real possibility?

I remember you clowns were saying covid would be over the day after the election.

It won’t be over until we stop testing asymptomatic people and stop asking healthy people to wear a mask. It’s clearly endemic at this point, as we should treat it the same way we treat every other endemic communicable disease. If you feel sick, get tested and wear a mask. If you feel fine, live your life and quit being a fucking hypochondriac.