Covid+ today. AMA

This bullshit is just as bad as somebody saying anyone not vaxxed will die from covid.

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THink what u want. Makes zero sense why a healthy guy would have such a reaction to covid easpecilly now with the weakened variants. This experimental vaccines fucked with his immune system and made him MORE susceptible to severe illness. This is just not my opinion, I was reading about this exact thing the other day after saw a link someone posted on this forum. Smarten up.

Makes zero sense? Nothing has made any sense for 2+ years. The only thing you can count on is people like you who fear monger absolute bullshit like it’s truth.

Shut up dumbass.

Its all coming out now.

How do you like them apples?

Didn’t intend to turn this into a vax debate I just wanted to be as transparent as possible about the direction this went in. I’m still in a bit of shock. Really really hoping I’m over the hump but don’t want to jinx it.

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FUck no.

What apples? You think that proves something?

OMG, should i NOT have given them my banking info!?!?!?!

Hmm lets see. Hundreds of more ‘excess unexplained deaths’ that happened at the very same time an experimental vaccine was forced o nthe public with no long term safety studies thats a completely new technology?

YOure vaccinated arent you?

“The excess deaths were attributed directly to the vaccine”

Oh shit, sorry… wow

“Some deaths are caused by the virus directly, but some can be caused by other factors such as medical procedures delayed or cancelled because of pandemic restrictions.”

Lol thats horseshit. The exact same time these experimental vaccines came out. This is common sense type shit.

Answer the question, you got the vaccine right?

That sucks that you reacted badly to it.

I know of 8 people within my family and friends that caught covid, myself included. 4 double vaxxed, 4 non-vaxxed. It sucked for a few days but we all got over it after about a week without any complications.

For me, the worse side effect was feeling lethargic and it took a bit longer to get my cardio back up to speed when doing high-intensity exercises. On my worst days during Covid, I just felt weak and nauseous but nothing major to panic over.

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I’ve known people that have had vaccine injuries and I’ve known people that got messed up from Covid. The constant absolute truth talk from charlatans is pretty damn tiresome at this point.

Yes exactly. YOu know how rare vaccine injuries are with other vaccines and how common they are with these covid vaccines? Way higher and the number keeps going up. These are terrible dangerous products.

ALl for a disease healthy people dont have to worry about.

Yup, double vaxxed and had covid. Was a minor cold for me. Wife and kids are unvaxxed and had similar symptoms. My dad is triple vaxxed and brushed it off like allergies. My fat unhealthy unvaxxed friend was almost asymptomatic. My other fit unvaxxed marine friend got fucked up for two weeks from covid. See where I’m going with this anecdotal shit?