Covid+ today. AMA

All your anecdotes tell me is that the vaccine has zero effect meaning youre kinda of proving my point.

Im not talking on my ass on this. Ive been doing a deep dive. There is a legitimate reason to be concerend with these products. More and more stuff coming out every day. And who knows whats lurking longterm. Im worried about cancer specifically and bret weinstein is all well. Respect to you for not letting your kids get it though man. Youre a good father. People who gave this to their children are stupid af.

Get nekkid and take the bath. Might loosen some phlegm but don’t snort it out in the bath water. It floats and that’s just gross. Probably lower your temperature enough to make you feel good and convince you you’re healed, for about an hour.

Glad to hear it man. Thx for the msg.

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I’ve had many close family members and friends go down a pretty serious conspiracy rabbit hole and it’s really had a negative effect on their life. That’s part of the reason I get a little heated with it.

I hate vaccine pushers and I hate vaccine doom and gloomers equally.

No way in hell they would touch my children with it. We made a decision to hedge our bets when our hospitals were full. I live in a rural area with terrible healthcare. You don’t want to get hospitalized where I live.

Im not a conspiracy loon. Its pretty clear these vaccines are dangerous.

Yes you are lol. Im not vaccinated and left my job over the mandate but you are absolutely a conspiracy loon

No im posting evidence from reputable sources to support my opinion. And the reason Im outspoken about the potential dangers of these vaccines is because sniveling cowards like you keep quiet even tho the government who mandated these vaccines are CRIMINALLY CULPABLE OF CRIMES AGINST HUMANITY.

And werent u the guy whos here in the gta who I was supposed to fight a while back and u backed down?

No that’s not me lol meet me at snakes and lattes this afternoon tho if you want to fuckin go. Downtown Toronto, pussy

Fuck, I’m the man

Ya it is you than. U backed down like a punk ass. Come to milton and catch these hands.

And u see the stupidity/danger of these people?

Someone whos done a lot more reading on them on the subject is sounding the alarm and they dismiss him by calling him ‘conspiracy loon’. Smdh.

No that really wasnt me lol i thought you lived in ottawa because you post your loony conspiracy shit in that thread to this day

A few weeks ago, I started getting a headache then all of a sudden had to puke. I got sick a few times in 24 hours but had a massive headache and nausea for almost a week, like couldnt stand for 5 mins. Tested myself for covid but was negative.

My wife is boosted and my kid is vaxxed, they both had it. Surprisingly, I never caught it from them, or so I thought, but maybe I did after reading this.

Anyway, glad you’re feeling better.


When the government is mandating ppl get a new vaccine technology with no long term safety studies that has killed people and may have killed a lot more people, im going to be posting about it. Whereas youre the cowardly sheep that goes right along with it and fails to see the danger.

I quit my job over the mandate, faggot. I just don’t believe it’s nearly as dangerous and bad as you do because i can see the hundreds of millions of people that are fine after taking it.

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So when I bring up evidence that it may be a lot more dangerous than you think, and you dismiss me and label me a conspiracy theorist? And this is only a year after the mass-inoculation. WHo knows what will happen 5 years down the line, like bret weinstein mentioned on his podcast, things that mess with your dna could lead to things like cancer and other auto-immune diseases. Please get smarter.

He asked wax status, not vax status. Give the deets bruh, stubble or smooth as baby’s butt?

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I thought he meant like wax, sauce or shatter. :frowning:

kicks rocks while leaving

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Thanks man. Sorry you went through that.

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