Covid vaccine question.

I didn’t want to derail any of the other vaccine threads with this question.

For the people that go out and get the vaccine will the mask mandates still apply to them?

What I mean is if I get the vaccine and I go to do some shopping, if the management or cops get on my ass and I produce proof that I received the vaccine can I tell them to go pound sand?

The sad part is that the most vulnerable will have the worst immune system response to the vaccine.  Obese people thinking this is a hall pass without ever fixing their underlying health conditions are in for a surprise.   It’s like putting Nike vaporflys on your 95 year old grandpa .  Not gonna do much if the machine is broken 

The masks and social distancing will be permanent. 

DuffyLaCoronilla - 

The masks and social distancing will be permanent. 

Add to that track and trace, a cashless society and shiny new dictatorial powers.