Covington sends a message to Ali Abdelaziz:

UFC welterweight Colby Covington sent a message to Ali Abdelaziz, reminding him that “you’re not the matchmaker of the UFC.”

Covington is expected to take on Abdelaziz’s client, UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, later this year in a rematch of their “Fight of the Night” in 2019 that Usman won via fifth-round TKO. UFC president Dana White has remarked on numerous occasions that the first Usman vs. Covington fight was one of his personal favorite fights of all time, and he has already confirmed that “Chaos” is next in line to fight “The Nigerian Nightmare.”

I can’t stand Cody, but I’ll take him all day over Abdelasleeze.


I should not ever know a managers name, any manager who I’ve come to know their names, are all giant fuckwits.

The people managing celebrities shouldn’t be attempting to make headlines like they’re the celebrity.


I am also very, very sick of so called ‘champs’ who hand pick every fight and dont want to fight the top contenders.

Put the UFC back in charge of making the fucking fights and stop with this garbage.

Ali is a shit stain and if I were Dana id outright ban him from events.


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Colby is supposed to be the bad guy. Him going against a wannabe terrorist scumbag will fuck up the bad guy image real quick.

He needs to spoil another nerd movie, pronto.


I hope colby wins. it would be epic