Cowardice Much Bigger Threat To Sports Than COVID!

Great article by Jason Whitlock


The real pandemic destroying America isn’t COVID-19.

It’s a lack of principle-based, unselfish, masculine leadership. It’s a failure of men, an en-masse surrender to a secular culture that pursues status, wealth and power by any means necessary.

We’re eight days from the start of professional football, and it’s clear my beloved National Football League will follow the NBA’s path of turning its games into shrines for Black Lives Matter. 

The names George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Jacob Blake, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and other alleged victims of police brutality will appear on the back of NFL helmets. The league will paint social justice slogans in end zones and play the black national anthem (“Lift Every Voice and Sing”) before games.

Tuesday, in a joint news conference, commissioner Roger Goodell and his top black assistant, Troy Vincent, publicly announced their capitulation to BLM, aka, Bigots Love Marxism. 

“The NFL stands with the black community, the players, clubs and fans,” Goodell said. “Confronting recent systemic racism with tangible and productive steps is absolutely essential. We will not relent in our work. We will redouble our efforts to be catalysts for the urgent and sustainable change that our society and communities so desperately need. I’m so proud of everyone across our league and others who have taken a stand using their voices and platforms to continue to shine the spotlight on things that must change. By listening and working and understanding our players, we built the foundation for tangible change through our Inspire Change initiative.”

There’s so much wrong with Goodell’s statement that I hardly know where to begin.