Cowboy Cerrone’s legacy

What is Cowboy’s legacy to you?

Good fighter, weak mind, douche bag.


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His performance against Conor is probably the worst in UFC history

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He took that one for a team ough… dive


Well said.

One of the best to ever do it that never held gold

He was always must see TV

Never boring


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His legacy is chaos and madness! Best summarized in his fight with Miles Jurey. Miles always tried to pick the best matchup and fight to protect his record. Cowboy never looked at his record or how the next fight would impact his career trajectory.

And that fight ended with miles laying on his back trying to minimize damage in a fight he lost while cowboy threw kicks to Miles’s ass and shins with no regard.

Miles was out of the UFC shortly after that and cowboy stayed for many more fights.


I don’t think a fight that was under a minute could ever be considered the worst performance in history. Statistically it’s not even possible.


And why is that? Or are you just being a contrarian?

Will be remembered more for the few big moments he didn’t show up for vs. His overall body of work IMO.

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Guy who fell apart in the big fights but had a wild come back at 170 before falling apart again, super exciting but started just showing up to almost take a dive to get money for four wheelers or some shit which ultimately lead to him actually taking a dive vs McGreggor and letting his record just go downhill when it didn’t need to.

He was also on the wrong side of several bad decisions.


Peaked on tapout show

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I think he will mostly be remembered for activity and taking on all comers. The warhorse type guy. Fighters that fill that role will be compared to Cerrone going forward.

The performance against Alexander Hernandez will also get a lot of love. The old guy putting the cocky youngster in his place will always be a popular story.

He will also be remembered as the guy that choked in the big ones.

He won’t be remembered for them because they happened in WEC and hardly anyone saw them, but his fights with Ben Henderson, Jamie Varner and Rob McCullough were some of the best ever.


One of the most exciting fighters to ever do it.


He’s somewhere in the Colby Covington range. Good fighter, but never championship material.

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Colby is much more game, although he did fight scared against Usman

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