Cowboy looks tired of fighting

Second great win in a row that he didn't look happy after Phone Post 3.0

Looked relieved if anything, he took some hard shots Phone Post 3.0

He always looks like that after a fight Phone Post 3.0

That was a brutal 3 minutes Phone Post 3.0

I thought he looked hurt leaving the cage. Even right after the win he appeared off. Phone Post 3.0

He took some vicious leg kicks and combinations, and I don't know if he could have withstood another 12 minutes of it. He was definitely relieved, but hopefully he'll celebrate an awesome victory because that was an awesome finish.

Armchair analysis.

Got just went through the fire with a guy who caught him from odd angles. Looks like adrenaline dump after a barn burner. Phone Post 3.0

I am sure he was relieved. Cowboy is a stud. Not many guys like him anymore who fight so often against high caliber fighter's.

I'm sure all the budwiser will ease the pain of wining.

He looked disappointed he took the damage he did. Phone Post 3.0

ShoreBreaker420 - Looked relieved if anything, he took some hard shots Phone Post 3.0
Agree 100% Phone Post 3.0

That's because he just realized his purse is going to pay off all of his debt from the past few months Phone Post 3.0

That was way too much killer instinct to be tired of fighting. He jumped on that choke for the kill faster than any fight in recent memory Phone Post 3.0

I think it was more genuine relief rather than elation Phone Post 3.0