Head kick fuck yea!!!

What a treat!

Touch of gloves changed cowboy! Got amped then BOOOOOM

Whats a Bisping - Touch of gloves changed cowboy! Got amped then BOOOOOM
This card turned out to be sick

Who's available for the Denver card? Cerrone wants on, but against who? 

Rogan must be stoked for Cowboy at 170

Donald wants to fight on the Jan 28th Fight Night, absolutely nuts. The WW division is just stacked now with incredible fights.

was hard to score so i'm glad we got a finish


fightmetric said:


cow                                                          brown

RD1 34 of 72 - 47%                        27 of 63 - 42%
<div class="b-fight-details__bar-charts-row clearfix">
    <i class="b-fight-details__bar-chart-title">RD2 </i> <i class="b-fight-details__bar-chart-inner"> <i class="b-fight-details__bar-chart-row js-red"> <i class="b-fight-details__bar-chart b-fight-details__bar-chart_style_red" style="width: 140.0px"> </i> <i class="b-fight-details__bar-chart-text b-fight-details__bar-chart-text_style_light-red"> 25 of 70 - 35% &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; </i> </i> <i class="b-fight-details__bar-chart-row js-blue"> <i class="b-fight-details__bar-chart b-fight-details__bar-chart_style_blue" style="width: 120.0px"> </i> <i class="b-fight-details__bar-chart-text b-fight-details__bar-chart-text_style_light-blue"> 41 of 60 - 68% </i> </i> </i></div>
<i class="b-fight-details__bar-legend-row">&nbsp;</i></div>