Coworkers find out you train/fight

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It is a pretty uncomfortable and annoying thing. Most think it's some karate kid type shit. The others think you are some mad man who likes to hurt people. The men, especially the bruthas talk shit or challenge you. Is this a pretty common thing? I have had several challenges in the last few years. The first was when I was in college and working at a warehouse. The guy was by definition a boxer, but he shot in on me. Thats where it ended, because I sprawled and my chest pushed his face into the concrete.
The next was when I moved to Philly, again working in a warehouse. Met some good fighters there, grapplers and Kickboxer types. Again a guy shot in on me, while I was working in the Freezer, I had huge thermal boots and thermal pants on, but got gaurd and a guillotine choke. That ended all challenges there. The next 3 challenges were in my current career, flight operations. All three where by brutas. The first came to my gym and we sparred. He couldn't strike for shit, I shot on him, mounted him and pretended to rain strikes down. He said let's go again, but no strikes. So again I shot on him, went for a kneebar, missed it (he said he isn't a grappler, but went for anklelocks and armbars) he pushed out and went for my back. I spun into guard, got the triangle. He wanted to go again, he shot, I got guard. Now he was getting more aggressive and desperate. Putting his elbow into my face and putting his weight on it, that kind of stuff. I swept him and stood up, now I was getting pissed, he was pinching and doing really queer shit.

I stood up with the intention of striking, but I looked at one of my trainers, who could tell what I was thinking and he shook his head no, which brought me back down to earth. So we clinched, I hip tossed him, got the side and did a version of something Bas Rutten does. I put my left arm behind his head and cupped my hand behind his left armpit, took my left leg, put it in his left armpit essentially pinning him, removed my left arm and cranked his neck into his sternum, he taps. He looked humbled.

he next two times were with the same guy, he's a good guy though so it was all in fun. He's got huge arms and lifts alot. I shot, he had good defens so I went for the trip, got gaurd and triangled him. The next time went the same way, but when I triangled him he lifted me up using only the one arm, I tried to hook his leg but missed. So in mid air I dropped my legs down, double legged him, he gave his back and I took the back, but we were against my work station so I let go, got in his open gaurd and went for the ankle lock, I got it. All in all only 2 of the times I could consider true challenges as the challengers had every intention of going hard at me and trying to hurt me. The others were just guys trying to test me.

Any other's have this bizarre shit happen to them?

Not that bizarre but one of my co-workers had been a pretty fair wrestler in HS and having 40 pounds on my he didnt think I could tap him out. So late one night in the welding shop we went from a clinch and I jumped into guard and when he tried to pass I triangled him. he wouldnt tap so I choked him out.
Another time I of the operators on the line was going into details how him having a 3rd degree in TKD made him pretty much invincible to any MMA attacks. When I scoffed he challanged me to attempt one. We squared up and as I came in somewhat slow he went to do a high roundhouse so I threw a leg kick about 1/4 power at his supporting leg...He friggin dropped like a rock! He ended up laying on the floor moaning in pain and whining like a baby, told me that was a cheap shot.

*DISCLAIMER* becareful how you respond to this or the non-training trolls will say you are a racist, egotistical bully.

i either get guys screaming "Hiyaaaaaaaaaa!"

or i get guys that just try and understand.

either way i say, "come down to the gym and learn how to defend yourself."

one guy says, "I'm a bb in shotokan, i already know."

so i say, "come down and learn how to defend yourself anyways."

It's a little easier for me since I'm the Defensive Tactics instructor for my district (I'm in law enforcement) I do get challenged every now and then, but you have to know how to handle it. Most of the guys have seen me fight at local events so they know what it's about.

It's harder to explain to people at my church...

Some of the guys I work with and even my friends have given me a hard time about it but that quickly ends when I square off with one of them and have them tapping inside of 30 seconds.

I got a hard time at first, but once they met my supermodel girlfriend, seen me bench press 700lbs and viewed a copy of my X rated home video showing my 13" penis, they knew I was somebody not to mess with.

Who wants some ?


Most of the peeps seem to think I do Karate or something (so I get a lot of "Hi-yaah" BS).

They also think I'm sort of nut case who's into pain because I've shown up to group outings and stuff bruised up and with the occasional black eye.

So, in their eyes, I'm either a ridiculous guy running around kiai-ing like a stereotypical Karate dude or I'm sort sort of masochistic guy with BDSM'ish leanings.

I can't win.


I am suspicious of JHR.

lol @ any of my coworkers challenging me.. I used to train so hard I would bring my thai mits and have my coworkers hold them during breaks and lunchtime.. I even used to pay them... when they saw me work on the pads the last thing they were thinking was a challenge..

Dougie, you got me.

The jig is up.

I don't have a super model girlfriend.

She's a victoria's secret girl.

Thanks for ruining my dream dickhead.


lol @ training at work. That would be cool.

Yeah, it's the same for me. I get the "kia!" and other bullshit like that. Once I came to work with a black eye and since I'm naturally a pretty quiet person they all thought I was some guy with anger problems.

Never had any challenges, although my manager does Kiempo (no disprespect towards the style, my beef is with this guy.) and thinks he's some kind of hardass. He's probably pretty quick on his feet but I'd love to chocke his scrawny ass out.

I don't see that happening though. I'm quitting that shitty job and I have an interview for a new one in a couple hours.

JHR, please do not use "13 inch penis" and "who wants some" in the same post. Thanks.

lol !

I was expecting Dougie to take the bait...


Pilot201- Maybe you should try a non-warehouse job for a change. There may be less Kumite type challenges in other lines of work.

The women at my office have no idea. They ask questions and I just try to give brief answers becuase they either don't give a shit or will never understand. I helped carry a heavy bag out to the garbage the other day and a lady says, "Thanks Greg, you helped us a lot. It must be all of that Tai Chi your doing." Whatever. They do have this image that I am running some sort of intermural that is filled with geeks.

1.) They believe violence is wrong and somehow equate my training with drug dealers gunning each other down, teen pregnancy and the erosion of community and family values.


Whoa there!!!!

Just what kind of watered down, sissy-pants gym do YOU train in?!?!

I don't get bothered at work...i'll just fire them! I actually get my employees to buy tickets to the the events I fight in when they are local! One guy that works for me came to the gym last night and trained a little i worked him over a little...I'm sure he won't be mentioning it to too many people that an office guy whooped his ass!


Mark, please dont fire me for screwing up my TPS reports.

Oh, and thanks for the black eye...

Dickhead ;(

Can't say I ever get challenges... I work in a civilized office here in the UK where my colleagues just make jokes about me rolling around on the floor with other blokes, but then they constantly ask me questions about cardio training, weight routines, diet etc.

I do get warned about about turning up for client meetings sporting facial injuries though!