Cox Cable in Fairfax VA is F*CKED

I was at home and tried to order and couldn't. Assuming it was just cable at my house my brother and I packed up some stuff and drove to his place to watch. The cable is screwed up at his place too on the other side of the county.... ARGGGGG


I still can't get the cable to function properly. I restart the box and after about 5-10 minutes it finally comes up and says "Advance Functions Not Available" and I can't access the guide to do anything. Can only watch and change the channels manually.

ARGGG... Hopefully I'll be able to order the replay

...or at least the replay at 10 tomorrow morning... stayed up till like 4am last night and didn't get much sleep so not sure if I can handle staying up again tonight :-S

truewrestler, I didn't realize that you were from Fairfax! So is my girlfriend. I get out that way once in awhile.

hey, cool... I was just thinking about you the other day man. On MMAWeekly there is a tip of the week with Minotauro showing the "keylock" off a kimura from side mount. We should definitely get together some time. I just started back training (bjj) at the beginning of the year... email:

I'll let you know next time we're heading out that way. Probably be this spring.

what do you expect??? there name IS cocks.

scuffler, you should do a seminar on catch out here.

I'd be glad to do a submissions thing. Wouldn't call what I do catch though, it has a good bit of catch influence but there are alot of other aspects as well including sambo and bjj.

Mark Jones

sounds great mark


I'll try to stay in touch this time. Not sure when we'll be visting again but her mother and sister still live out that way, so we make the trip every so often.

Comcast in Prince William County Screwed me with the same shit. The first UFC I missed in 3 years, and I was soooo jacked about this one!!!

I missed 2 or 3 UFCs through Comcast in Alexandria. Even had friends over for the first one I missed which sucked

woohoo... just came on!!!! I bought... I'm going to cuss them out in the morning to get the 10AM replay

truewrestler, I live in Mclean and am looking to train somewhere me.

Truewrestler Darrenjg

email me

Cablevision in Jersey screwed us over pretty hard. Only digital cable customers are able to get PPV's now and they never bothered to tell anyone.