Cpt. Stann USMC took one for the team.

Brian Stann took one for the team by standing toe to toe with Vanderlei Silva in his fight home town, Japan. All of it for the fans, he didn't care what it meant for his career or legacy but he knew what the fans wanted in Japan.

True Warrior.

Amazing, but Stann had never been KO'd cold before either. Phone Post

it is kinda stanns style though. in the sakara, santiago, leben fights he was really aggressive. deffinatly a fight ill be watching more than a couple times. there was a video floating around here of the stadium perspective of the fight. good stuff.


OP, is this a new excuse for Stann? That he was fighting in Japan where Wandy is popular, hence his loss?

Saddest excuse yet. You guy seriously have no faith or confidence in Stann, and you're supposed to be his fans.

Mega impressed with his approach to that fight, to jump on the fire and throw at wandi square trading shot for shot, big respect to stann, warrior Phone Post 3.0

^subd in hopes someone posts vid