CR Fite Nights Results?

They usually put on a pretty good show.  I missed it here in Costa Rica and  I havent seen results posted anywhere yet.  Anyone?

May 16th 2009




Date: Saturday May 16th, 2009.

Time: 10pm ET (8pm Costa Rica Time)

Place: Gecko Tower, Mall Real Cariari.

Fight Card

Elimination Tournament:

Luis Brenes vs Victor Fernandes

Cesar Rojas vs Andres Valeverde

Javier Umania vs Cesar Cruz

Franklin Morales vs Carlos Zuniga


Rick Roufus (USA) vs Tomas Gomez (Panama)


4 rounds -Gonzalo Marin vs Henry Salazar

4 rounds -Marlon Chavarria vs Abraham Irias

 Luis Brenes Def Victor Fernandez (RNC)


  Cesar Rojas Def Andres Valverde (KO)


 Javier Umana Def Desar cruz (RNC)

 Carlos Zuniga Def Franklin Morales

Semi-Finals: Luis Brenes Def Desar Rojas (Dislocated Shoulder)

Semi Finals: Carlos Zuniga Def Javier Umania (UD)

Finals: Carlos Zuniga Vs  Luis Brenes DRAW

I will have the other results posted soon

My students were asking me for results this morning. Were there some good fights in the tourney?

I wish I coulda made it to the fights. Heard it was a good event.  Frank Trigg was in town for the event.  

I was tied up with the dreadfull Miranda -Ward Showtime Boxing bout, so couldnt get outa the dungeon on saturday...  :(

Joey, I´m only in country for a few more weeks, which strip clubs should I visit in order to get the full experience of Costa Rica?

wonder if they had some real FLorida commission people there this time to keep fighters from greasing down and cheating???

my .02 cents...


logan, visit the Beetle Bar in Jaco beach.

My students tell me all about that one. I was talking about strip clubs around San Jose that I could visit during the week. Beetle´s is a touristy whorehouse.