crab ride instructionals

does anyone know where i can get , and what are good videos on the crab ride. i recently learned it, and i am having good luck with it. also i would really like to accel with it


Dont know of any instructional tapes.

I know Jantzen (NY) at Harvard is the best Ive ever seen using the crab ride series and I plan on having him come to the club for a seminar sometime this summer.

Where are you?

im in central new york, i actually am gona go to a camp this summer where he will be and im pysched. where is ur seminar gona be held?


we're in northern new jersey, just 15 mins from the NY border

crab ride:

think of the bottom man in a sitting position (crab rider will try to force the bottom man to sit out)

the crab rider will sit with the bottom man, hooking the legs from the under and outside while keeping his knees pinched tight. The crab ride is almost always done with a 1/2 nelson, though I see Jantzen uses the "claw" quite a bit with his. On the other side you should have a real "tight waist", keeping him pulled in tightly.

Takes a lot of practice to use the crab ride as you have to get comfortable in somewhat uncomfortable, even dangerous positions with your back exposed. The key is the tightness, you have to stay glued to your opponent using your feet, your arms, and your hips.