Cracked Ribs

If pain is tolerable,is it ok to train judo/bjj with a cracked or broken rib? I've had it for 3-4 weeks now . Doesn't seem to be a major thing (like a toe).

oh, i'll post a rib question too.
while grappling tonight, i heard a pop, and felt a sharp pain in my rib area, do i need to get this checked out? how long am i out for?

Nah, no problem. You can send jagged edges of bone against soft tissue, but that's not a problem. Is it? :-)

I have a cracked rib since 1999 that never healed properly because of this very same thing, that is, I couldn't stay still. It hurts all the time.

I've read thet "they" can't do anything anyway? Is this true?

Doctor told me to rest and not do anything to aggravate it.
To which I replied, "so I can't laugh?"
And he said, "No."

Do not fight with a broken rib at all. Give enough time to heal up first. Maybe train and work out but nothing to intense. A broken rib can do long term or chronic pain infliction. It's better to be out for a few weeks and heal up than screw up your rib for the rest of your life. Give it time and take it easy but you can still have fun in training.