Cradle Escape?

Any suggestions on how to escape the wrestler's cradle? Basically when they have one leg and your head pulled together.

I've seen the one that Roy Harris does on his BJJ 101 vid by pushing the leg straight and then bridging to the knees.

How about when they push into you and put you on your side?

The textbook answer is to get your leg over his head and put on a triangle.

Are you on your side facing him, or facing away? Does he have the head and near leg, or head and far leg?


I didn't even think about the triangle. If I can push the opponent's head and get the leg over, the triangle is right there. Thanks!

As far as the opponent pushing... Head & near leg. Pushing so that you are facing away from opponent.


Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.

The triangle is interesting from the cradle, but hard to get with a good wrestler. When I go for the traingle from cradle, I scissors away from the guy and push on the top of his head. Then I try to pop into the triangle. I try to do a kick into the mat with my trapped leg with my heel extending towards the mat ( like I am rolling away).


Hook your other leg over the one that is cradled so you can use the force of both your legs to break the grips.