Craig Brown vs Richardeau Francois

Any opinions ?
I think that I'd like to see this happen.
Craig Brown

Come on Aguzzi I know there is a comment from you waiting to come out!

I'd like to see it happen!

TTT for the Farmer


i realy think Ricardeau shouldnt challenge any ufc fighters or pretend hes at ufc level untill he can fight better fighters then that

I would like to see this fight!!

Ricardeau Francois is 210 lbs of LHW Lanky rage and destruction... nobody stands with Longplay!

I'd like to see the good Farmer break out the farmboy strength.


youre kidding right?


And the winner takes on Liddell.

The Farmer would plow through Francois.

Make it happen.

Let's leave the challenging of liddell
to francois. Brown only wants to go one fight at a time.
Still no response from any UGC people,
Thanks for everyones support.
Craig "FARMER" Brown.

lol Craig...what's up bro? Don't get me started! lol

Craig Brown should fight Wes Sims.