Crap Stoppage

Give me a break.

Herb missed a couple of nut shots too.

Crap reffing.


WTF Herb

Moutinho was too tough for his own good.

Herb Dean is the worst in the business.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s Cecil Peoples’ son.

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He earned the right to finish the fight


I think a corner stoppage would have been good. I’m not sure it was good for a ref stoppage.

With that stop, you will never convince me Vegas doesn’t have a direct line to the refs. That was legit, the only reason to stop that fight (to save Vegas from paying out all the money for the fight going to decision)

I wouldn’t have a problem with a corner stopping it. They know their fighter best.

Moutinho Still had fight in him and had a chance to finish. He hadn’t stopped fighting at and was still in it. Dean took that chance away with a bad call. Even him saying “fight back” a split second before stepping in was weird.


Judges too.

Worst stoppage in a good long while.

I agree. Connor was able to come out in the 2nd round.