Crapping on a lawn- this lady doesnt give a shit Phone Post 3.0

Wtf? Phone Post 3.0

although gross it's not the worse thing done in this country. but she should have the courtesy to pick up her tissues and shit like a dog owner would have to.

Thread title is ironic

That's the funniest shit I've seen all day.

Phone Post 3.0

Bitch is wiping back to front too.  I fucken hate mainlanders

Chinese tourists are hated around the world

"Public defecation is a straight-up fact of life in mainland China. It’s something you’ll see on roads, public places, subways, airplanes, and even elevators."

Well I know where I'm planning my next trip to Phone Post 3.0

Rantuckjr - Thread title is ironic
Also, the link he posted is from Phone Post 3.0