Crappy Club in VA ALERT!

Not that most of the peopel in bands here would ever play at this club but I feel the need to vent and to pass on knowledge.

Ok, here's the dealio. There is a club in Springfield VA that goes by the name JAXX. The owner is a scumbag, unprofessional FUCK! I "manage" a band from the DC area called Audio Terror Regime ( We were booked to play at JAXX's this Friday with OVERKILL. As part of getting to play we were expected to sell tickets in advance (shitty practice I know). So yesterday afternoon I get a call from someone at JAXX asking how many tickets we have sold. Being as how I divided the 50 tix we had amongst myself and the 4 band members, I could not give an accurate accounting. As such I told the douche that I didn't know how many we had sold, maybe 5 or 10 (which is what I personally could account for) but that I would get back to him within 24 hours with an accurate asssessment. All well and good. well this morning Jay Nedry (Jaxx's owner) calls me screaming in my ear. Bitching and threatening. I couldn't get a word in basically. He also called me " a lying piece of shit" because we had not sold all of our tickets. As a matter of fact we hadn't sold any. Why? Well $23 a ticket is a bit steep to see a 20 year old thrash band that wasn't much of a headline draw in the 80's, the show is 21 and over only and we have a number of tickets that are held ie: people would pay us and pick them up day of show. Ah well, ya know it kind of sucks when you try and work with a shitty system (pay for play) and the individuals who implement and continue to perpetrate it not only act unprofessional but are assholes on top of it, Ah well.

P.S: For all the bands who think that JAXX and their system of pay for play might be worth it (getting to play with a national band) it isn't. There are far better clubs and club owners in the MD/DC/VA area. SUPPORT them not Jay Nedry.

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Damn, what a shitty deal! Thanks for the heads up. Thats a really
crappy way of dealing with the bands.

Another big scam thats going around is the 'showcase' promotors
(here in Toronto they go by Supernova, but they are only one of many
so watch out.) What they do is book a club for a Friday or Saturday, get
about 6 bands on the bill, make some posters the bands have to
ditribute and get them all to sell tickets to the show @ $15-20 a head.
They claim agents and industry people will be there and its a good
move, they rake in $1000 a show, get a cut of the bar, and the bands
play for all their broke friends and families.

Wasn't that club called "the copa" back in the day?

Before I left Virginia, I'd always see the ads for the old classic metal bands at Jaxx but never went. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

Yep..........It was called the copa back when I saw collective soul covering Rio by duran duran.

Pay for play is a shitty deal & it sounds like a shitty club,


You knew that going into it & you didn't hold up your end of the bargain, so I don't see what the problem is, other than the guy was a dick. But hey, if he were a pro, he wouldn't be running a shitty bar, right?

Actually, We were holding up our end. We were selling the tickets. They weren't moving as fast as he would have liked (we can't control that, the show was Friday the phone call was Tuesday, we still had 3 more days & finally we did have a will call list of approx 20 people. The biggest issue is the guy was unprofessional and personally attacked/insulted me and my character.

"As a matter of fact we hadn't sold any."


"We were selling the tickets."

Are mutually exclusive in the eyes of the guy that pays the bills.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding who you're saying said that first quote?

I'm neither arguing the guy was professional nor defending him.