Crappy ESPN site down!


Its unbelievable how crappy this streaming service is.  It literally glitches throughout every single exchange.  The site crashes at least once per round.  Its infuriating.  Why/ how is this better than the PPV model??

i hate to be a complainington, but this shit is absurd.  Why should j have to spend 2/3 of my time troubleshooting a glitchy program?  At these costs?  Membership plus event = nightmare viewing experience.   



Had to vent.

Virtually unwatchable!

What's your internet speed? What are you streaming it through? 

im watching from an iPad, casting to my TV and barely ever have a problem. I also have pretty good internet speeds.

are you of legal age? A/S/L? Wanna cyber?

Screw ESPN

Captain Canuck -

Screw ESPN

I don't subscribe to ESPN either, I will not support them. I have a place that I visit that lets me enjoy the fights without the whole normal PPV thing going on. I pay $50 USD for a years PPV's, it's pretty fucking bad ass except they don't show the prelims for the small shows. That's basically the only drawback though. 

I really don't understand it. I was anti-ESPN + and said I'd never get it after the switch... well being we had DIsney and Hulu already, the bundle made sense. I've only used it for the 30 for 30's so far. 

So tonight we got home really late from a wrestling tourney, and while I was setting up my normal methods, I popped on the APP to watch the last few prelims. They were skipping and pausing non stop.... got the laptop up and running and had a perfect HD source. Switched over and plugged it in with the HDMI and did not have a single issue.

Apparently the UFC and ESPN should look to the web to find some better people to run their service.