Crawford Wearing the AZZ Hat

the guy didnt play auld all year and then throws him to the wolves in game fukin 5. tell me who the fuk agrees with this move?? And how bout hedberg, one vote of confidence for him.

U dont think the team played safety while auld's in net? U dont think they were cautios on defense in having a rookie in goal.

A little narrow sighted eh? When Clouts got hurt Hedberg had his chance and shit the bed, then he got hurt, and Auld came in and played GREAT.Did you forget this?

The Flames are crashing the net with impunity and not getting called on it, even "Mr. Cool" Hedberg was losing it and taking swings at them, and yapping away unlike his normal self..

Auld is like 6' 4", so it makes sense on several levels: One, the Flames aren't gonna bang him around like they have Cloutier and Hedberg, Two we still lost with Hedberg in and he looked a little shaky.Auld played great and made some amazing saves.If not for one overplayed shot it was a tie, if not for Gelinas being allowed to crash the crease and drop Ohlund beside the goalie preventing him playing the shot, he gets the shutout.Auld will play great tonight, we'll win.

Just because he's 6'4" doesnt mean they wont bang him around. He's only 200 lbs. If anything, they wouldnt bang Cloutier around because of his reputation. Or, maybe they would, and try to set him off. Anywho, Aulds size wont stop them from doing the same to him.

Hellfire have you actually watched any of the series?It's not "won't" or "would", they *were* banging the crap out of Cloutier and Hedberg.Cloutier gets even more people in his face because of his rep, they're hoping he'll snap and attack someone.Hedberg is just a smaller guy.Yes his stats say he's 6' and almost 200 lbs but he's a smaller guy on the ice i'd say he looks more like 5' 10" 185ish. Auld looks like a giant in there and they weren't nearly in his face as much as they were the other two although they didn't stop completely.His bigger size means the traffic doesn't affect him as much, a little bump or nudge doesn't take him out of the play.It's been an insanely physical series so far.Auld not only played better than Hedberg (who didn't play badly) imo, but is better suited for the crease crashers.Hedberg:Auld:

Yes as a matter of fact, I have watched some of the series. It's been a real good series so far. I really liked it when iginla kicked ohlunds ass. It sent a good message, specially coming from a skill guy.

I dont think hedberg would have done any better had they not smacked him around. Regardless, Auld isnt that big. Tall, yes, but hes only 200 lbs. He'll still get what Cloutier and Hedberg were getting. It just wasnt as bad last game. I expect him to get it alittle worse next game since he's the young golie with little experience, so the flames will look to take advatage of that.

btw, I agree that he is better suited for the task than hedberg simply because he isnt a euro and hedberg sucks in the first place.

lol Iginla hardly kicked anyone's ass.Iginla is actually a good fighter, and barely got a few shots in on that noted brawler Ohlund in a hugfest.It was funny cause Ohlund was actually pumped when he got to the bench after and got high fives from the team hehe.

"He'll still get what Cloutier and Hedberg were getting"

Of course they're gonna try, i'm saying the traffic isn't going to affect him as much, plus i think he's a better goalie anyways.Too many Canucks fans are all hot and bothered about Hedberg because he helped the Pens once in a playoff run but has just been "good" since.He's a solid goalie, but Cloutier is better and was playing better, until he screwed up his knee.I like Hedberg a lot as a goalie, don't get me wrong, i'd love to see him catch fire and take us far but he just isn't the saviour people are pumping him up to be.

Dude, iginla laid some great body shots on him. I wouldnt be surprised if ohlund was peeing blood afterwards, lol.

Just remember, there was huggin because ohlund was holding on for dear life. He was happy when he got back to the bench because the fight was over and lived to tell about it.


Hehe well seeing as he isn't a fighter you expected more than him to hug and try the odd shot? Plus why aren't you getting on Iggy's case for "going after a Euro who only knows how to slap"?

At least Ohlund dropped the gloves and accomodated him.

Ohlund did give him a go, I give him credit for that. And I expected him to open up and take a severe and brutal ass kicking for my entertainment.

I'm not on iggy's case because Ohlund put a questionable hit on him behind the net. He had to be held accountable for it. You want to make hits like that, you gotta defend yourself.