Craziest Hand you've witnessed?

I JUST missed this hand being played but my friends were telling me about it.

IT was a live no limit texas hold-em game with 6 or 7 players.

Flops comes 4-4-4
Turn comes 10
River comes J

Player 1 has a full house 10-10-4-4-4
Player 2 has a full house 10-10-4-4-4
Player 3 has a full house J-J-4-4-4
Player 4 has four of a kind 4-4-4-4-Q

I believe 2 people were eliminated from that hand.

Anyways i'm sure theres more crazy hands than that.

Care to share?

what was the betting like preflop. with a crazy board like that, its easy to let go

flop K 10 2

set over set over set.

turn 2 I had 2222.

What sucked is I was all in on turn in a limit game, which I rarely dont reload my chips.

Running out of money with betting still going on the river is the worst feeling in poker.

Big No Limit game at my local casino. Someone raises pre-flop and 4 people see the flop:

J33 with two hearts.

First guy goes all-in, second guy calls, third guy raises all-in, fourth guy calls, second guy calls all-in. So 4 people, all, all-in.

First guy has a heart flush draw.

Third guy has KK.

Fourth guy JJ.

The second guy turns over... ace-king, no pair, and no draw.

The turn is a 3, the river is a 3, and Quad 3's with Ace kicker wins it... the guy with the AK, NOTHING takes the four way all-in pot down!

It was sick... the whole poker room exploded.

Just today I had pair A and there was 4 4 4 on the flop.  I beat out pair kings and pair jacks.

Triple-Draw Lowball - last betting round, two guys left...both guys are ramming and jamming, raising and re-raising each other.

I figured one guy had the nuts (2-3-4-5-7) or close to it and the other guy had the hand duplicated or had the second or third best hand.

Nope - one guy had a ten-high and the other guy had some garbage hand (queen-high, I believe).

It was frickin' nuts. I think both those guys must've been on tilt at the same time.

Not a hand but a series of hands - in the space of an hour, playing seven-stud, saw two straight flushes.

It was particularly disturbing because I got destroyed by one of them - I had the guy on a flush-draw and I had a full-house and we got into a raising war on seventh street...I should've known since three of his straight-flush cards were there for me to see and in the back of my mind, as I was raising him, I thought "maybe he has a straight-flush...nahhh...the odds of that are damn low"...