Craziest most unstable fighter?

Who would you put at the top of your list? Overall I would probably go with Tyson though there are probably lesser known but crazier fighters.... What about MMA?

Crazyhorse of course.

tanner, at least now he is

I was thinking more on the violet side of mental unstableness.

Mike Kyle

kyle doesnt deserve to be called a fighter

^ This is true.

Cabbage was one crazy mo fo

Viacheslav Datsik

I agree with Grinchy.

wes sims


Sorry, but Alonzo Spellman is the only correct answer.

Why do people seem to be saying that Tanner is unstable, on the edge, or whatever? Perhaps I missed something?

Mjollnir - I was joking, but some of his blogs last year were pretty out there

tanner is on the wagon

Datsik takes the cake here.

I've met crazy horse and he is not crazy. Its just an act he puts on.

THe crazyiest most unstable fighter out there has got to be Bobby Hoffman!