Craziest steroid/everything cycle - Bostin Lloyd

Only watched a view minutes of the video. Did he say how much that was costing him? It had to be a ridiculous amount of money. Phone Post 3.0

Drugs_Delaney -
grizz632 - The after pic looks like it was drawn by Rob Liefeld Phone Post 3.0

Especially the fact that there's no feet in the pic.
I loled at these comments Phone Post 3.0

Im listening to this whole video.  I cant believe he would do this at his age.  For what?   

Zyzz's tren physique vs. this Lloyd characters cocktail..... Phone Post 3.0

Forever mirin bro

A friend of mine went to jr high and high school with him, said he has been using steroids since the 10th grade. His parents are both body builders as well and encouaged it. Also said that he was ruthless in pursuing girls although that might just be attributed to him being a teenage boy not just the steroids

"Don't care about your sex drive if you want to win." What? Call me a fucking loser then. Phone Post 3.0

charms434 - Give him 10-12 years till his heart gives out. Dude is 21 and has serious nerve damage in his wrist. Probably has CNS damage too. Phone Post 3.0
Do you think the nerve damage in his wrist is due to the steroid use?

What about his CNS? Phone Post 3.0

Crazy. Phone Post 3.0

He's full retard with gear. He's the same dipshit coaching the 15 year old using massive amounts.

Team 3cc Phone Post 3.0

That video didn't even make sense to me lol Phone Post 3.0

PhillyFights - Looks like he was already a big dude, bigger than most people. Not like he just picked up some weights for the first time. Id rather see what one year of steroids/lifting does to a guy built like passive jay or someone who's never lifted and scrawny. Phone Post 3.0

Passive Jay OG steroid and vlog fund?

Dude looks like shit considering the amount of gear he's on. Phone Post 3.0

Im actually baffled as to why i watched all of that. Phone Post 3.0

Straydog24 - 
BigTedBear - Crazy shit but you will see guys get huge on basic stacks. Phone Post 3.0
Absolutely. I posted it more because the amount of shit he was taking was shocking.

The amount of money he spends on gear is just plain stupid. Phone Post 3.0

I was about to say...where the fuck does he (especially being 21) get all the money for that? Gay4pay?

Ive always wondered how most pro bodybuilders even make it financially. Bodybuilding at a high level is quite expensive, and unless you're a top guy the money is shit.

Ghost of Retard -

He forgot trap day

Lol Phone Post 3.0

If it was 10 years ago, he would be the guy in the Affliction shirt, bedazzled jeans and white band wrist watch Phone Post 3.0

bodybuilding is, always has been, and always will be about gay muscle worship.

Testiculos Ferro - bodybuilding is, always has been, and always will be about gay muscle worship.
Pretty accurate lol Phone Post 3.0

how did you guys not see this when it first came out?