Crazy aunt

On a scale of 1-10, how crazy?

She posted this on Facebook couple of hours ago.

We all gone die Phone Post


Its teh Yahweh Ben Yahweh Phone Post

It's one of those mass messages, "share this with everybody you know and your dick won't fall off".

I think every one of those is equally retarded.

i was trying to give nicknames to my punching cannons that are my arms the other day and you know the old president thing is over done and george washington was really kindof a pussy like yeah sure crossing the river in the winter was cool and all but hes sleeping in a nice tent getting room service the whole time not out on the field freezing to death with most the troops anyways i think ill go with 'the beast' for one of them now but i havent heard of this chip although i am interested to see how advanced prosthetics and all that can go in the future as far as extended life and even better limbs and organs. personally im hoping for some sort of global destruction whether nuclear or environmental like rising sea levels and climate change causing complete human elimination before too much of that happens.

Someone should reply with "Lol" Phone Post

My aunt is just like that.
Bitch doesn't believe in dinosaurs. Phone Post 3.0

I'm still waiting until i can try to get an implant for myself to hack around with it.

10/10 crazy.

Your uncle probably has a wild sex life. Phone Post 3.0

i found this picture on the wikipedia page for Yahweh saying archaeological evidence for worship of yahweh, i was trying to double check if they are supposed to write its name or not anyways what the fuck is up with these guys ahem and what is that cow doing to the other cow is that supposed to be an udder id give it the benefit of the doubt if it wasnt for the other guys

PLEASE post the comments, Jason. I'm begging Phone Post 3.0

no offense but your crazy aunt

U should change ur fb name and picture to Satan and post a comment saying sin as much as possible, because the REAL afterlife party is in hell. Pornstars, rockstars, the cool kids are gonna be in hell! Phone Post 3.0


Rules? Phone Post 3.0

She's the kind of person that starts caping people.

Put her down.

How old is your aunt?

Because I'm 42, and she's probably a crazy lay.

No offense

Naderhood - PLEASE post the comments, Jason. I'm begging Phone Post 3.0

there have been no comments so far, 

and I don't beleive its one of those pass along facebook comments

You should troll your aunt

Ha ha ha ha!! Phone Post 3.0