"crazy" bas rutten stories part 2

ok, let's hear some more crazy stories you have about hanging out with bas rutten. The last thread like this made me laugh a lot. So, let's hear em.

There was the time I was hanging with Bas, back in, oh, '99 I believe it was. Bas was drunk, of course, and had just finished tooling half of the WWE roster in a bar brawl. We were walking on a beautiful beach down in Brazil, looking for hookers, talking about surfing and the Anaconda choke (Bas insisted it was his creation) when all of a sudden the moon was hidden by the clouds and fifty-maybe sixty- Brazillian guys armed with nunchuks appeared, lead by Helio. Helio was pissed off about something and kept talking shit- I don't speak Portugese but it was obvious he was angry- and suddenly Bas turned to me, said "Fuck this shit," and began liver kicking everyone (including me, but it was an accident). He took out like half the guys with palm shots and liver kicks, and then hit the rest if them over the head with his ill-gotten UFC belt.
When he was done, he smiled, hopped on a stolen surfboard, and paddled to Japan.

why did he swim to Japan he could have paddled since he stole the surfboard


Big TTT for later!

rickson via armbar 2:01 rd. 1

There was also the time when Bas threatened to kill me if I didn't slip some rufies in Cro Cop's water bottle right before he fought Randleman. Turns out Bas is a heavy gambler. He was celebrating like a fucking king that night...which was fitting, because he kept reminding us (over and over again) that he was the King of Pancakes for like twenty years.

This was also the same strategy he employed when he fought Randleman for the UFC belt.


After Duane won the ISKA belt in Castle Rock, we were in the ring for pictures and there was some girl tryin' to get Duane to sign something when all of a sudden Bas comes flyin' across the ring, plows right through her and picks Duane up and gives him a bear hug. I don't think Bas even seen her, and I don't know if she got Duane's autograph, but I'm almost positive she got a dislocated shoulder and/or whiplash out of it.

That's nothing . A few weeks ago Bas and I were at a seminar in Charlotte, NC. After the seminar, we went to a McDonalds, where Bas proceeded to beat down six people in line ahead of us...a mother and her five small children. That guy loves his McNuggets. And when the idiot behind the counter jokingly said that Bas was too old to get a happy meal, Bas threw a fireball at him.

Yeah, well, why do't you tell about the time Bas was chased down the filfy streets of London at 3 in the morning, by a drunk and angry Percy SHamrock?

Bas Rutten's self defense in a bar is legendary!

Bas Rutten - Rocks !!  


jan. at my ifl fight, in my interview i had said i thought frank shamrock was the best ever pound for pound. bas shook his head, like no big deal, after getting our ass kicked by the lions we were getting drunk, and a very drunk bas comes up to a drunk frank and say....your boy lucero hear said he thought you were the best ever. do me a favor frank, tell him who won 2 out of 3...lol..it was funnier than shit, of course frank didnt like it and was trying to fight bas...


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Here is Bas partying with The Anacondas, Sabres, TigerSharks and WolfPack following IFL Everret.