Crazy Chick Gets Stuck In Chimney!

A Woman Tries to Break Into Her Ex's House, and Gets Stuck in the Chimney



On Sunday, a woman in California tried to break into her ex-boyfriend's house through the CHIMNEY, and got STUCK.

Firefighters finally got her out five hours later, by breaking the chimney apart, and lubing her up with dish soap.



THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (NBC/KNBC) – Firefighters rescued a woman stuck in a chimney in Thousand Oaks, Calif., early Sunday morning. The woman was stuck about 8 feet down the chimney, and rescuers dismantled the bricks to get her out.

Lawrence Fernandez owns the home. He said he met the woman online and after seeing her a couple times told her he wasn’t interested. Fernandez was away Sunday morning when his neighbor texted him about noises coming from his yard. Fernandez then called the police.

“She texted me that there’s actually somebody in my chimney,” said Fernandez. “Yeah, it was pretty shocking. It was a text, so it was kind of a ‘Oh, my God, LOL,’ kind of moment, you know.”

Fernandez explains how he met the woman.

“I met her online not too long ago, and I thought she was pretty normal — as you meet people online,” said Fernandez. “We hung out a couple of times, and you never know how crazy somebody is until they do crazy things … and this is a pretty crazy thing.”

Fernandez explains there weren’t too many hints that something was off.

“There wasn’t too many red flags. The biggest one was the person on my roof,” said Fernandez. “That was probably biggest flag there was, and then after that, I pretty much gave her, I let her know I wasn’t interested in even having her by my property at all. And then I guess she tried to pay me a visit through my chimney.”

Fernandez said the woman had trespassed on his property before, but police had been unable to apprehend her. Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa was taken to the hospital and then arrested on charges of illegal entry and providing false information to an officer.

this video is better

I give up

Yeah that was all over the local news here. Sounds like the type of women I date haha.

"there wasnt to many red flags"  yeah ok bro, I would have to think there was a few.  Crazy chick tried to go down your chimney!!!