Crazy, Crazy Monkey talk on the UG

Check it out. Some funny stuff. Poor souls............

Less skepticism than in past CM threads. People are learning...

Funniest comment I saw:

Crazy Monkey can be defeated with the exploding banana punch.


I think that is correct. Feeling is believing.

CM works. Not that other ways do not work as well but Cm certainly is a good method

I think 90% of the people who post reguarly on the UG do not train regularly. That could have something to do with it, too.

What completely sold me was the fact that after using it, Matt made us switch back to using our old defense, then back to CM...

And the fact that after I picked it up a bit, I could walk towards the punches, not as afraid, I don't feel the need to back up as much anymore and we only played with it for about an hour and a half!

Although, Matt is right, I may want to cut my hair just so I can do CM.

I responded to the monkeys on the other forum....ultimately all they are doing is giving us free's just wonderful!