Crazy kidnap potential hoax getting weirder

Damn, 6 year thread bumps.

So they were telling the truth after all?
Tom Cruise What GIF

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Yup, and this is thread full of tards who had it all figured out. Some even had super secret info from the barber shop. Lol

any time you’re in huntington let me know and i’ll introduce you to the cops i know that worked the case and to this day think they’re lying.

So what’s the deal with the guy serving a 40 year sentence? Do they think he’s innocent?


they think the girl orchestrated all of it.

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Just because they are in denial doesn’t mean they’re right. I’m SHOCKED that cops are holding to their irrational belief in spite of a wealth of evidence to the contrary. You never see that, right?

The guy confessed and pleaded guilty. They also have the 2 videos he made of him raping her. Lol. How ridiculous.


LOL this is classic HG

Not to mention he also did it to someone else… all part of this housewife’s master plan I guess.

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8500 bucks? Really shooting for the moon I guess