Crazy lady says cop is trying to murder her during traffic stop

tells him he will never be white lol. These people have literally lost their fucking mind.

I believe a Latinx guy has to kill a black person, to transform into a White Hispanic.

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Well he is a MURDERER!

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And she claims to be a teacher…

The original source said she is a college Professor. I don’t know if that has been verified.

My favorite part is the “are you jealous?” Of what? Your maintenance nightmare with a warranty that is expired?

Thanks Obama. Im guessing they blurred her out and never mention her race because she is black.


I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom of expression but I just don’t see what use society has for pieces of s*** like this

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These aren’t just people with bad ideas anymore… There is a growing population of people with mental illness. The echo Chambers they live in are breeding grounds for delusion and paranoia.

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I would have taken my sweet ass time writing that ticket.

It would have been pretty hilarious it’s a cop had her committed to a pysch ward (involuntarily committed I believe) for her psychotic behavior. I know she was just being a c*** but I think he could have without any pushback