crazy monkey boxing

anybody train in this style of boxing? i read it's well suited to mma, but i know little about its differences to regular boxing.
any thoughts?

I thought this a thread about Henry Matamoros!

Anyone who's ever boxed w/ him knows exactly what I'm talking about!

it's more a defense than anything. used alot by straight blast gym guys. tito and rampage also use it in their fights.

your from New Zealand?
me too...where do you train?



yeah, i'm from auckland, train under douglas santos. what about you?

whats his Cult number?!?!?


a guy from Straight Blast Gym showed a friend of mine some of this, who in turn showed me.

Good stuff...imo

im in aucks too,karate/kickboxing background but starting with mike fooks soon,hopefully.

happen to have heard anyhing about him?
he gets good press as far as i can tell

Excellent stuff.

the name mike fooks sounds familiar, where does he teach? strikeforce?

I use it when I am fighting someone who punches stronger than me. If it is someone weaker I use a normal guard, however I find CM easier for defending when I am being really pressured.

ground control i think...catch you later man

Crazy monkey was coined by Rodney King (SBGi), who's system is very
much like "peek-a-boo" boxing. Very good for mma.

Crazy monkey has been taken several steps further by John Will in his
RADIX ( system which incorporates wrestling
BJJ as well as some other tactics suitable for law enforcement, cqc or

John will is a third degre BJJBB under Rigan Machado and trains special
enforcement units, FBI, MACE, Quantaco, Air Marshals etc. has over
200 schools using his BJJ curriculums

I've worked with both systems and have to say that RADIX is cutting
edge for MMA, or no-BS self defence training.

I've also developed a system called One Hour to Liveā„¢, which has some
similarities, except that its designed to be functional with very little

go to for the official web site. CM is a complete system for MMA not just a boxing style. Read the testimonials on the web site, I trained my fighter Matt Dell in CM for 6 weeks and he won a KOTC superfight using CM.

Crazy monkey is good stuff!!!

Not just defense...

What do they call that defense in boxing,shelling is it?

I can see that if used well it could be frustrating to an opponent.

Rodney king has some very good instructionals on crazy monkey. most of his instructionals are top notch.