Crazy Monkey-ish.....

Did anyone see the fights on HBO this past weekend? The first fight featured a fighter from Ghana whose defensive style reminded me a lot of crazy monkey. Granted he didn't win the fight (his opponent looks like the real deal) but he was able to frustrate a very powerful and fast puncher during the first couple of rounds. The guy couldn't land any head shots and the fighter using the crazy monkey type defense was able to close the gap and force a tie-up and/or clinch almost everytime during the fight. Teddy Atlas mentioned this is a style seen a lot in African fighters nowadays (I realize Ghana is nowhere near South Africa, so I don't know if Rodney King had any influence on this). It may be a bit of a leap but to me this really shows how effective crazy monkey can be. Especially if you use it in an MMA fight where you don't want to stand and strike with your opponent.

I saw that fight. I was very impressed by that guys opponent! That
kid was only 20 years old I think.


I am sure that guy bought the tapes:)

Chico shipping CM everywhere!

CM looks to me like it's very similar to Tyson's earlier boxing style.

I was thinking the same thing too when Atlas said that. I have noticed a number of boxers using the CM in fact, and I remember seeing Rampage use it against Lidell as well.


There is no doubt in my mind about Quentin! I know it's a kind of running joke on this forum to say "Did you see 'X' doing the CM??", but Quentin was doing TEXTBOOK CM!!!

He would even do the hair combing motion a few extra times after Vanderlei was done striking just as Rodney reccomended, to be sure.

Normally, I would chalk it up to people coming across similar things, due to their realistic training, but Quentin didn't do this until recently.

The possibility (If Chico could answer this) remains that the CM or some similar concept is to be found in some parts of Africa in the boxing gyms and maybe Rodney got it or something like it from his boxing coach or improved it.

Nonetheless, it is a heavensend!

Ultimately, it isn't very important. I can see it now on the front page of the WWN: "Bat Boy fends of Al Q├Ąda attack using ONLY Rodney's Crazy Monkey!!! says JKD forum member."


Hi Everyone,
Like I always say there is nothing new under the sun:)I was in Slovakia last year coaching a seminar and I was watching boxing on t.v. There was a Russian fighter that used the CM perfectly!

So yes as Ausgepicht said, it comes down to how you train. Matt said something similar on an interview, when he said, " When I saw Rodney working clinch in his gym he was doing exaclty what Paul Sharp does, except Rodney likes to hit people and Paul likes to dump people on their head. What was amazing is that they have never met each other but cam up wit hthe same things".

So yes there are people out there using the CM, that of course don't call it that or have never seen it from me or maybe they have:) At the end it really does not matter unless you 'personally' see the valuae in something and make it your own. I see tons of people always saying how good this or that is, but never use it or take the time to learn it!

The CM that I coach comes directly out of my own experience, my boxing ocach never showed me anything that resembled it, as he was from the old school of bobbing, weaving, slipping and totally driven on an attribute game.

I will say this! What does make CM diffrent that I coach to someone who may seem to use it say in boxing, is that I use it in MMA, against elbows, kicks, in the clinch and for self preservation. It is also the launch pad for my elbows, strikes,clinch boxing etc. So it is not one dimensional and only used say for boxing. With that said we have South African Champs, in our gym who have used it and we have pro-boxers right now training with us using it. I have had guys who have used it in Muay Thai and the thousands of e-mails from around the world are testiment to this.

For me this is the most wonderful thing that I could share something that I have personally made mine, so they can do it themselves. There was once a famous person who said:), "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own". He was indeed a wise man!


Rodney "Chico" King

Great Post Mr. King!

But on the other hand, I'm still sticking to my story that you created the CM before anyone else and get royalties whenever someone uses it in a pro fight!

(just joking)

Hi Guys,
thanks for the kind words:) As far as another series...I am working on it right now. I have to just get time around all the other things that are happening, I am off to Cape Town now and then Denmark. I am also working with the MPA for the next two months (South Africa's equivelant of the FBI).

So between that I am hoping to get it done asap!



Any word on a Canadian seminar Mr. King???

Like...I don't know....hopefully somewhere near...or in.... St.Catherines, ON Canada?!!!

1st round of Evander vs. Tyson 1 had Evander blocking like crazy monkey. Awesome counter punches afterwards.

Someone set up Canada and I am there!!!!