crazy poker hands

i played poker friday night:

first hand i play:

i get AJ, raise it to 10 bucks. four callers.

flop: A K rag.

i bet 10 thinking i might be outkicked. one caller to my left.

Turn: A.

i bet 10 again fearing a AQ. since i got no re-raise preflop, i doubt i'm up against AK.

River: A. i have four aces and now i know the guy has a K. i doubt he'll fold his aces full of kings so i go all in. he calls.

i'm up to about $240 or so.

a few hands later in the big blind i get 5,2 offsuit. i'm ready to fold but no raises leave me in:

Flop: A 3 K. so i check too. everyone else checks.

Turn: 4. i have the nut straight but there are two clubs so i bet 25 bucks. two guys go all in. i call.

both had slow played, one with AK and the other with A3. i win thanks to all the free cards.

now i'm up to about $550ish.


i have 10 Q and call a small raise from a weak player after many callers:

flop: 10, 10, A. i only fear A, 10 or K, 10 . original bettor bets 20. all fold. i raise to 40 to see if he has the A 10. he calls.

Turn: A! i'm fucked. he checks. i bet 30, now repping the A 10. incase he has the K, 10. he just calls. river we both check. he has A, 9. i was a 91.8% favorite after flop.

my stack goes up and down a bit and i get few playable cards...

then i get KK. some guy raises to 15 bucks. three callers. i raise to 30. raiser calls. all others fold.

flop: 2 4 8. i go all in, not wanting to see an A fall off or some crazy str8. he says, "i know i'm beat but i have to call."

i flip up the K,K. he flips 7,7. i'm 90% to win with two cards to go and the pot is like $800 bucks.

Turn: 7! i get crushed. the poker gods had turned on me. i get back about $80 bucks because i had the bigger stack, later losing the last 50 of it going all in with pocket 10's vs A6 when he got the third 6 on the river.

another from last night that i wasn't involved in:

pre-flop: raised to 15, call, re-raised to 30. two callers - three in the pot.

flop: j,7,8

first to act: all in. other two call putting two of the three all in so they flip up the cards

the first one to go all in had J,J for trips vs - a 9,10 for a made str8 and then far behind, just a pocket pair of kings.

so far trip jacks has been beat by a str8. kings looking bleak

turn: 7 - making the jacks a boat to beat the flopped str8.

river: king! making the best starting hand and also the big dog from the flop on the winner with kings full of sevens.

amazing hand with all the lead changes. kings preflop-9,10 on the flop - jacks on the turn - kings back for the win on the river.

pre-flop kings were 70.2%, jacks were 17.7%, and 9,10 were 12.1%

after flop kings dropped to only 1.8%, jacks went up to 34.6% with trips, and 9,10 came roaring back, 63,7% to win.

after the turn kings went up to a whopping 4.8%, the jacks full of 7's had almost a virtual lock with one card to go - 95.2 to win. 9,10 - dead at zero percent chance.

river was one of only two cards in the deck that the kings needed to win. probabaly the most amazing hand i've seen.

and another from last night:

$4000 plus pot on a $100 buy-in no limit table - monster pot for those tables:

AK went all in with 3+ racks full of $5 chips and was called by nut flush draw with one card to go with an Ace on the board.

the lucky bastard made his flush and had 8+ full racks of yellow $5 chips in front of him. after that he went on a run practically cleaning out the table, leaving with close to 10 racks.